HSE Policy

    Awareness on Environment, Health and Safety is an integral part of the policy of AGT Marine and the lives of all employees and their families.

    Management Commitment to the Environment, Safety and Occupational Health is focused on industrial and maritime service and supporting environmentally friendly through waste reduction, reuse and energy savings as well as operational company that emphasizes safety of human lives, prevention of lost time due to accidents and company property loss prevention.

    To achieve these goals, AGT follows the principle:
    • Policy on environment, Health and Safety becomes an integral part of the responsibility of all crews.
    • Implement policies Environment, Health and Safety in all the activities of maritime services and other supporting services.
    • Open communication both internally and externally, including statements regarding the Occupational Health and Safety.
    • Delivering safety induction training to all crews and developing a positive Health and Safety culture to work onboard.
    • The commitment, the involvement and participating of all crew, partners and guests to work in a health and way and safe through education and training.
    • Commitment to observe and comply with applicable laws and regulations.