Training Ship Project

    In line with our vision to build an enduring and globally renewed frontline organization that thrives on value creation for stakeholders in the Maritime Industry. AGT Marine has put together an Onboard Cadet Training scheme. The AGT Cadet Training Scheme (CTS) offers an adventurous lifestyle, packed with existing career prospects, in a dynamic and growing company. It provides young cadets with zero sea time experience with comprehensive grounding for their work at sea, and for professional life within AGT and beyond. Cadets will gain theoretical and practical insight into many different areas of vessel operations, Including maritime technology, navigation, engineering, safety, leadership and management.

    Additionally, to succeed in a seagoing career, cadets will need to combine technical skills with a range of personal qualities therefore; the CTS has been designed in a way to train cadets on AGT core values of Safety, Reliability, Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Value-Creation and Respect for the individual. The program has been structured in a motivating atmosphere to advance their professional development and personal growth thereby making them our brand ambassadors. It is our ultimate desire that our cadets will aspire to reach the ranks of Captain, Chief Engineer or Chief Electro Technical Officer aboard our vessels.


    • Deck (Navigation) Officers
    • Marine Engineering Officers
    • Marine Electro-Technical Officers

    Under the captain’s direct management, the deck department is responsible for the safe navigation and operation of the vessel, both at sea and in port. While the safety of the vessel and everyone onboard is the prime responsibility, all deck operations and maintenance are also managed by the team. Deck officers are vital part of the onboard management team, taking charge of an expensive vessel and its equally valuable crew and passengers when applicable.

    In our cadetship scheme program, a deck cadets joins the company to gain sea time for a period of 12 months, followed by stipulated exams. Thereafter the cadet is employed as a trainee third officer.